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"Nightmares and daydreams! When D'Spayre targets Generation X, can Chamber overcome his inner darkness? Then, Black Tom Cassidy attacks... with a secret weapon the team won't see coming! Meanwhile, Bastion has launched Operation: Zero Tolerance - and while Jubilee struggles to escape his manipulative clutches, Gen X faces the threat of the elements, the fury of the Sentinels... and the sting of betrayal! What horrible line will Emma Frost cross to ensure her students' safety? And amid the chaos, the shocking truth about M finally comes to light! Plus: Emma's past is revealed! Generation X meets Spider-Man! Artie, Leech and Franklin Richards journey into the unknown with Man-Thing and Howard the Duck! And Gen X like you?ve never seen them! Collecting GENERATION X (1994) #24-32, #-1 and ANNUAL ?97; X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) #16; MARVEL TEAM-UP (1997) #1; DAYDREAMERS #1-3; and GENERATION X UNDERGROUND #1. Rated T+"