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A truly incredible era! Writer Peter David's character-defining eleven-year stint on INCREDIBLE HULK kicks off with a fan-favorite collaboration with Todd McFarlane! Rick Jones' days as a rampaging Hulk are numbered, but only if Bruce Banner manages to force his own transformation into a gray-skinned goliath! As the Hulk's new status quo causes marital strife for Bruce and Betty, the Hulk battles the original X-Men - now calling themselves X-Factor - and squares off in a classic rematch with Wolverine! Plus: Bruce plans to destroy the government's stockpile of gamma bombs, but the newly restored Leader has a plan of his own that will spell disaster for the Hulk! And on an alien world, the Hulk and the Thing share an offbeat team-up! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #331-346 and MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL: THE INCREDIBLE HULK AND THE THING - THE BIG CHANGE.