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Mary Bromfield has always struggled to determine who she is outside her familykinda hard to do when youre all superheroes! Now, after Billy Batsons heroic sacrifice, the power of Shazam has vanished, and shes been left powerless. Most heroes would be distraught, but not Mary. Its finally time for a voyage of self-discovery as she prepares for her freshman year of college and a civilian life. But nothing is ever truly normal for this young hero, because shes just been chosen as the new champion of Shazam! (At least according to a talking rabbit sent by her estranged brother Billy.) Will she embrace the power? Or will it die alongside this worlds hope of survival against the mysterious magical forces waiting to take control? Find out in Mary's first solo miniseries, brought to you by up-and-coming comics writer Josie Campbell (Future State: Green Lantern) and fan-favorite Shazam! artist Evan "Doc" Shaner (Strange Adventures, Convergence: Shazam!)!