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"Join monster hunters extraordinaire and jump into eerie and whimsical Victorian-style tales of monster hunters, vampires, and supernatural sleuths in this collection of stories that is equal parts chilling and charming. In this three-part collection, Professor Meinhardt and his assistant Mr. Knox pursue the undead and Mr. Higgins tragic history; explore strange supernatural happenings with investigator Ms. Mary Van Sloan; and seek to uncover the truth of the prolific vampire slayer and one-time compatriot of theirs, James Falconspeare. Collecting Mr. Higgins Comes Home, Our Encounters with Evil, and Falconspeare from Mike Mignola and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell's iconic team-up. 'An incredibly original, vibrant, whimsical and at times, comedic take on a much loved horror staple.'-Mass Movement"