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The Skrulls' Secret Invasion rocks the Thunderbolts! But it might just be the opportunity Norman Osborn has been waiting for! Captain Marvel attacks the T-Bolts' HQ, and Skrulls descend on Washington, DC - but internal tension may tear the team apart before their foes can! When Osborn scores a major victory, he manipulates events to level up - and to create a whole new Thunderbolts squad that includes Yelena Belova, the Irredeemable Ant-Man and the Ghost! But first, the old squad must be swept aside - and Songbird's insane teammates can't wait to take her out! But when Deadpool targets Norman Osborn, which side will the unpredictable new Thunderbolts take? Plus: Solo tales of the T-Bolts! Collecting THUNDERBOLTS: DESPERATE MEASURES ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS: BREAKING POINT ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS: INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS: REASON IN MADNESS ONE-SHOT, THUNDERBOLTS (2006) #122-131 and DEADPOOL (2008) #8-9. Rated T+