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In DC's first-ever Titans-centric crossover, can the fan-favorite heroes save the world from their teammate as shape-shifting chaos is released across the globe?Superman, Wonder Woman, Batmanall are powerless to stop the Necrostar from ending all life on Earth. The only hero who can save the world is...Beast Boy?!With Nightwing, Raven, Cyborg, and the Titans beside him, can Garfield Logan rise to battle an ancient evil? What will Amanda Waller do to take advantage of the situation as millions of peopleincluding many of DCs iconic heroes!are changed into rampaging creatures? Can humanity survive all-powerful heroes and villains transformed into ferocious beasts? And as the world goes wild, can Raven discover a way to save Beast Boy? If thats not enough who is Dr. Hate, a mysterious new threat unleashing their own unique brand of chaos!Friends will fall. Heroes will rise. And nothing will ever be the same again. Earth is about to become... Beast World.DC proudly presents the Titans' first crossover as the world's premier superhero team, with universe-shattering repercussions. Brought to you by the all-star creative team of writer Tom Taylor (DCeased) and artist Ivan Reis (Blackest Night), this story promises to be an epic one that sets the stage for the next evolution of the DC Universe!This volume collects Titans: Beast World #1-6.