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Sarah Maass young adult novel is adapted as a graphic novel by comics legend Louise Simonson and artist Samantha Dodge!<p>Its been two years since Selina Kyle last set eyes on Gotham City...and now that Batman is gone, Selina is back! Or at least, Holly Vanderhees is. As Gothams newest socialite, shell put her old talent for picking pockets to new use while rubbing shoulders with the citys finest citizens. But her past is catching up to her, and she is running out of time...<p>Luke Fox has been looking for just the right opportunity to show Batman he can protect the city from Gothams worst as Batwing. When several high-profile fundraisers are disturbed, Lukes clandestine activities clash with his parents expectations. As a scion of one of Gothams finest families, hes expected to attend these events with pride. As Batwing, hes trying to stop a new team of villains from ruining his mothers plans. Now he feels permanently one step behind...<p>Will Selina have what it takes to outsmart Batwing before its too late? Or will she be the final victim of her greatest heist yet?

In Stores: Mar 02, 2021