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The cult-favorite Manhunter epic from the 1970s is collected in a Deluxe Edition hardcover!<p>In 1973, revered comics writer Archie Goodwin teamed with rising star artist Walter Simonson for a short feature in Detective Comics called Manhunter, colored by future superstar artist Klaus Janson! Conceived as a colorful contrast to the dark lead stories starring Batman, Manhunter was adventurer Paul Kirk, who criss-crossed the globe in an espionage caper, with the mysterious Council that trained him in pursuit. The story culminated in a team-up with Batman, with a fateful ending for Manhunter.<p>Collects stories from Detective Comics #437-443, plus the silent epilogue story first published in 1999s Manhunter: The Special Edition.

In Stores: Jan 26, 2021