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JHU Comic Books have been serving comic book fans in New York City since 2013 (and the owners worked at the legendary Jim Hanley’s Universe, which originated on Staten Island in 1985, before that). JHU Comic Books is world-renowned for its well-curated selection of graphic novels, offering the best of the major publishers, and independent creators. It usually takes about 3 weeks for your subscriptions to begin as we add you subscriptions to our orders!

Check out this video for how to sign up! https://youtu.be/zkV8gRue5f8 

After singing up you will receive an activation email shortly with instructions on how to add titles to your subscriptions. Upon subscribing, it might about 6 weeks for your orders to process, we will try our best to fill all your orders in the meanwhile!

Monthly Ordering and Final Order Cutoff

In the last 3 years comic books have been split among multiple distributors, all of whom have different deadlines now. Their Final Order Cutoff (or FOC) varies widely by title. Previously we would allow 21 days before a subscription begin, but now due to ongoing paper shortages and publisher delays, we have to make that gap 30 days (and sometimes more, depending on the title/publisher). And even then, we might have some issues filling new subs due to publisher lateness, allocations, or other unforeseen issues. 

The best practice to ensure your subs, is to make sure you always do your advance monthly orders. Which generally speaking is the by the 7th day of the month for Marvel and IDW, and the 14th day of the month for everyone else. 

For weekly FOC, we advise you to order your DC FOC by Friday at noon. Other publishers' FOC should be updated by Monday at noon.

Here are some links to check out current monthly catalogs or weekly FOC

Boom, Image, Dark Horse and MORE!



DC Comics and other small press


(Click on DC Connect or Next Phase for their monthly catalogs, weekly FOC items are down the page)

MARVEL, IDW, PRH and More!



(And for last minute new release requests you could always drop us an email (info@jhucomicbooks.com) with "pulls for 3rd" or "pulls for New Dorp" in the subject line by Monday at noon)

Special Orders, Ratio Variants and Limited Collectibles 

We would also like to clarify our special ordering system. Many titles we order are "ratio variants" (1:25 variant means we only get 1 for every 25 regular etc). We do not always qualify for all limited edition items. And they are not always guaranteed at the catalog listed price. We price them according to market conditions around the time of release. So while you can request any comic via special order, we cannot guarantee that we can get it, nor can we guarantee that we can get it at the catalog price. You are under no obligation to buy the comics at the marked up price. But please be aware when you are special ordering these collectible items, the prices may be far higher than what is originally listed. Manage Comics currently has no solution that allows us to change those prices, and email may not reflect price adjustments. So please be aware of this when ordering anything that's a limited edition.

How long can we hold your stuff?

Lastly, while the vast majority of you come in every week and pick up your comics every week (and we are very appreciative of all of you who do that), we need to re-clarify that if you have not picked up your books within 3 weeks, your holds are subject to being put out (unless a prior arrangement is made such as you were going on vacation or are dealing with an illness etc). Delinquent holds will be subject to cancellation. For the last few years during all this craziness, we've mailed you packages. We've delivered comics to your homes. We've done everything we can to make life easier for you during these hard times, and we will always try to accommodate as much as we can!