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The big finish to the adventure starting all the way back in the conclusion of Future State: Superman: Worlds of War. Midnighter traveled into the future to help get himself out of a jam, only to swap places with his future self. Now, the Midnighter from the future finds himself trapped in a paradox, working his way back to his onetime present to swap places again. Dont worry if youre confusedso is he! The key to this whole thing is Andrej Trojan, the nefarious industrialist who tried using Supermans mission on Warworld to his own end. Midnighter has been carrying Trojans robotic skull with him, hunting for the 2021 iteration of the man, and shutting his whole company down before any of this trouble even starts. Finishing the serial, which runs in the back of Action Comics, this time-travel escapade also leads into Superman and the Authority! One Shot Annual

In Stores: Aug 31, 2021