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The hit superhero saga thats Watchmen meets The Wire returns from Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum, showrunners of Marvels M.O.D.O.K on HULU, and superstar artist Scott Hepburn (Tom Morellos Orchid). Frankie FollisAKA the costumed criminalPlaytimehas won.Twilight Citys greatest heroThe Insomniacand its greatest villainThe Stickmanare dead, allowing Frankie to unify the super crook underworld and assert herself as theQueenpin of Redport. But Frankie is feeling the pressure from every side. Rival gangs are challenging her authority,Scalpelher consigliere is pushing her to legitimize her empire, and the act of murdering The Insomniac has broken something deep inside her. Frankie is about to learn the hard way . . . heavy is the head that wears the supervillain crown. In the vein of Sin City, Black Hammer, and The Boys, this noir-ish superherocaper, focuses on a lower-class kind of criminal, similar to the Coen Bros most pulpy films, but set in a high concept world of heroes and villains.