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Written by Dwayne McDuffie, Otis Wesley Clay, Ivan Velez Jr., Maddie Blaustein, Yves Fezzani, Matt Wayne, and others Art by Chriscross, Denys Cowan, J.H. Williams Iii, M.D. Bright, John Paul Leon, Humberto Ramos, Prentis Rollins, and others The Milestone Universe returns in another thrilling installment that introduces new heroes--and new villains--to the embattled city of Dakota! Hot off the reality-altering events of Worlds Collide, Milestone Compendium Three picks up the action with stalwarts Static, Icon, Hardware, the Blood Syndicate, and the Shadow Cabinet and brings new characters into the fray, including Deathwish and Kobalt. Collects DEATHWISH #1-4, BLOOD SYNDICATE #24-27, HARDWARE #22-28, ICON #22-27, STATIC #21-25, SHADOW CABINET #5-13, and KOBALT #1-14.