How to Subscribe with All New Comics

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Know What You Are Signing Up for! 

Please Read All Of These Steps.

You will be submitting a $20.00 non-refundable membership fee when you activate your account. This membership fee helps us to make sure that people don't subscribe to a bunch of comics and leave them with us. We will send you a cool membership package as part of your first PAID order.

If you are just looking to see what we have to offer, then click browse our titles to see all of the products we've got available.

Do not become a subscriber if you just want one comic per month. You will pay more in shipping than you will for your comic!

If you have a question about how our subscriptions work, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), If you still have questions, please contact us before you set up your account.

How to Sign Up with All New Comics

Step 1: Register an account

First provide us with your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address in the form below.

First sign in using your All New Comics login. Before you can start selecting titles you'll need to pay a $20.00 non-refundable membership fee.

This fee helps us keep our costs low by eliminating fraudulent sign-ups, and in return we'll send you a membership package with your first subscription with free comics and trade paperbacks as a thank you. 

Step 2: Select your titles.

Choose your favourites from our massive list of titles broken down by publisher and imprints, including comics and magazines.

Sign up for a minimum of 3 titles. You will pay shipping of at least $7.00 which is more than a single comic costs.

There is a three week wait between the time you order a comic and the time we can pull the next issue for you. We have to deal with a cut-off date called “Final Order Cut Off” (or FOC) from our distributor, which means we have to have our final numbers to them three weeks in advance. There is also a three week wait between when you cancel a comic and when we stop pulling issues for you so that we don't get stuck with comics.

If we don't have something listed that you want, contact us and we'll add it (usually within 24 hours).

Step 3: Choose your method of shipping.

  • Monthly Shipping
  • Twice per month Shipping
  • Weekly Shipping.

Shipping rates are based on your location, and are shown on your subscription listing.

Shipping is free on subscription orders over $75.00 (note, subscription orders cannot be combined with other orders to achieve free shipping).

We understand that many people don't like paying for shipping, but when you consider that having your comics delivered to you saves you travelling costs, and frees up your valuable time, it works out to about the same amount of money.

That's it. Now just sit back and enjoy your comics with all of the free time you have from not having to go fetch your comics when your local store is open. Might we suggest more comics to pass the time?

Our billing policy requires you to pre-authorize a credit card for billing purposes. After your comics arrive, you will be invoiced for anything on hand, and your credit card will be charged.

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