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The world's coolest mutant as you've never seen him before! After the shocking attack on the Hellfire Gala, Bobby Drake is back - setting his sights on ever-greater heroic deeds in a dangerous new world. But after his recent ordeal, Iceman can't stray for too long from his new Antarctic ice palace - which just means he'll have to be slicker than ever to accomplish his missions before Orchis knows what hit them! The chemical criminals called the Elements of Doom target Bobby's hometown, and a deadly killer stalks Aaron Fischer, Captain America of the Railways, and his pals the Y-Men - but what Orchis threat will reunite those amazing friends, Iceman and Spider-Man? And when the mutant-haters finally figure out Bobby's secret - and bring the fight to his frozen front door - can he survive the ultimate showdown? Collecting ASTONISHING ICEMAN #1-5.