How to Subscribe with Comic City

Local Store Pickup Only

Step 1: Register an account

First provide us with your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address in the form below. Be sure to enter the correct store location where you will be picking up. We order books specifically for subscription files, and you have to pick them up where your file is. Your base store cannot fluctuate from one to another. The office use location is for internal store processing, and is not a customer option.

Step 2: Select Your Titles

Choose your favorites from our massive list of titles broken down by publisher and imprints, including comics and magazines.

Titles that are not listed in the online system may still be available, but requests should go through your base store, to check availability and if a deposit is necessary. The online subscription system is not a shopping cart, it's only to manage your monthly comic subscriptions.

Once you've selected your titles, you'll need to hit the "Activate" button to make your account live!

Please be sure to review the Terms & Policies below prior to placing any subscriptions. Use of our subscription & ordering services will be considered acceptance of the terms & policies.

Comic Book Subscriptions:

Reading & Collecting comics is a fun hobby, but sometimes it’s hard keeping track of everything coming out. With Manage Comics from Comic City, you can control your list yourself, and have a better picture of what’s waiting in-store for you.


Go here to start your file. All pull files are for store pickup only, you must choose the local store for your books to be picked up from. 

COMICS RELEASE EVERY WEDNESDAY: Fill out a subscription and we will pull it on its release date and hold it for you behind the counter. There is no additional cost for this service. This is a great way to ensure you get an entire series and don’t miss any issues.

NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS: On boarding a new subscription typically takes 21 days (per typical publisher FOC Final Order Cut-off dates). Your subscription will start with the next orderable issue, which is not necessarily the next available issue. When you add a new subscription it will say “first pull” and indicate the date. We will attempt to start all subscriptions sooner, depending on available stock already ordered.

EASY ONLINE MANAGEMENT:  Subscribe to comics, special order volumes, manage and view your subscriptions, view your upcoming pulls all on our new web portal at

On the day of release you will receive an email listing what new comics have been put aside for you, so you can make plans to come into the store to pick them up.

PICKUP OF PULLED COMIC FILES: You can come into the store, and pickup and pay for your pulled books during regular hours the week of release. If you do not pick them up by Sunday the week of release, you will receive an invoice for any subscription books in your file. You can pay for your subscription through that online invoice and we will be glad to hold your books for a convenient pickup time. After 2 weekends of no payment, subscription files will be suspended with no additional pulls, and reshelved. There is a file reinstatement fee for closed files.


All new subscribers after June 1st 2021 are required to have pre-authorized payments to maintain a subscription. If you have not picked up the sub books on file for you through the Sunday after release, your pre-authorized credit card will be billed for the books in your file on Monday. Your books will continue to be held for you, for pick up at your convenience.

Subscription books are considered final sales. We place orders for and pay for this stock based on your request for the book. Our expectation is for you to honor your commitment to us, as we honor our commitment to you.

Special Orders

VARIANTS: – Ongoing subscriptions are only available for the first (Cover A) of any title. All other covers, B, C, D….. are considered special orders and must be specifically ordered through your base store, and are subject to prepay terms. We do not accept special orders for ratio (incentive) variants. These items are typically offered in 1 in 10, 1 in 20, etc ratios in relation to the orders of regular covers. These items, if received, are placed in stores on release, and sold on a first come first served basis at current market value.

DEPOSITS: Special orders are prepaid, non refundable. We order these items on a non-cancellable basis from our vendors, and cannot guarantee delivery date, or price guarantees. Any adult/mature item special ordered will need to be need to be paid in full prior to the order being placed, also non-refundable.

We reserve the right to alter, or end our subscription service (pull & hold) at anytime for any reason. We reserve the right to limit order qtys, and adjust prices as necessary. We are not responsible for vendor allocations, shortages, damages, shipment dates, or price changes.

New comics release on Wednesday. Stop by between Wednesday and Sunday to pick up your books, and pay in any manner you'd like. Subscription books remaining in any files after Sunday, will be charged to the pre-authorized payment on file, and held for a pick-up at your convenience.

I understand, Let's Get Started