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Going back to the Dark Knight's early days in Gotham City: Batman and Robin, Dick Grayson, face down the coldest winter Gotham City has ever seen. A winter so cold that Mr. Freeze, Victor Fries, no longer needs his containment suit to survive; he is in an element where he can thrive. Robin empathizes with Mr. Freezeall Freeze wants to do is save his wife, Norabut Batman warns Robin not to give his empathy to Victor Fries. He's a man who decided his own fate a long time ago and he deserves none of our warmth. And this winter... he will show his true wickedness and power. The powerhouse creative team of bestselling writer Gerry Duggan (X-Men, Deadpool, Arkham Manor) and Matteo Scalera (White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn, Black Science) brings you Mr. Freeze's most frigid story yet.