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The marriage of Ultron! But when the maniacal android meets his adamantium mate, will it be a match made in robot heaven? Or will the so-called "War Toy" Alkhema - with the brain patterns of Mockingbird - reject her would-be husband? As the unhappy couple bicker over the fine details of destroying humanity, the West Coast Avengers are caught in the middle - fighting for their lives! Plus: Spider-Man swings by, and he and Spider-Woman become tangled in a Deathweb! The Whackos and Wolverine are embroiled in a cold war with Russian villains the Bogatyri! Goliath battles Goliath! And as the Pacific Overlords wreak havoc, Jim Rhodes returns to the team as War Machine - and the young hero Darkhawk joins the fun! Collecting AVENGERS WEST COAST #83-95 and ANNUAL #7-8, and material from DARKHAWK ANNUAL #1 and IRON MAN ANNUAL #13.