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The shocking murder of the Red Skull leaves an unfinished Cosmic Cube at large! Adding to the imminent danger, a cadre of the Skull's followers plans to ignite bombs in the hearts of Paris, London and Manhattan! Racing against a rapidly ticking clock, Captain America must solve the mystery of his nemesis' murder and find the Cube before it can be used to rewrite reality! But there's a lethal assassin on the loose with an all-too-familiar face. Cap's suspicions about the Winter Soldier will soon be answered in the most brutal way possible, tearing open old wounds and threatening to carve new scars that will never heal! Plus: Crossbones and the Red Skull's daughter, Sin, carve a path of chaos and destruction across the United States! Collecting CAPTAIN AMERICA (2004) #1-17 and #1 DIRECTOR'S CUT, and CAPTAIN AMERICA 65TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.