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The Crime-Master unites a cadre of criminals to destroy Agent Venom! The villain's diabolical plan takes the war to the people closest to Flash Thompson - and forces Eddie Brock, the former Venom, to become a symbiote's host once more! But when Crime-Master's identity is revealed, Flash and Betty Brant's lives will never be the same! Then, when the Avengers task Venom with bringing in Daimon Hellstrom, a Devil's pact comes full circle - and Hell-Venom is unleashed! Can Flash regain his soul, or will he remain in Daimon's thrall forever? Plus: Flash bids farewell to New York City and heads to Philadelphia! But is something toxic on the horizon?! Collecting VENOM (2011) #17-35 and #27.1, MINIMUM CARNAGE: ALPHA, SCARLET SPIDER (2012) #10-11, and MINIMUM CARNAGE: OMEGA.