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The Silver Surfer and Alicia Masters reach their journey's end! But before they go their separate ways, they must survive the manipulations of Tenebrae - and venture into the Microverse! And no trip there is complete without an emotionally charged battle against Psycho-Man! The Surfer feels the heat of Firelord's fury, and the long-imprisoned Millennius is powerful enough to cause problems for both the Sentinel of the Spaceways and the God of Thunder! Then, when Galactus' unceasing hunger drives him mad, he once again comes to destroy Earth! As Marvel's greatest heroes face the ultimate cosmic threat, the Surfer makes the greatest sacrifice of all! Plus: Doctor Doom steals the Power Cosmic in a retelling of a classic Surfer tale! Collecting SILVER SURFER (1987) #1/2 and #139-146, SILVER SURFER/THOR ANNUAL '98, GALACTUS THE DEVOURER #1-6, and SILVER SURFER: LOFTIER THAN MORTALS #1-2.