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It's time for Ragnaroks and RetroMariners! Scott Braden & Mike Malbrough's supernatural sailor, Kent Menace, is a mysterious mariner, as well as a weird hero who radiates - and attracts - excitement, danger, and even a bit of humor. Find out why Diamond's Steve Geppi said Kent Menace 'crackles with energy and overflows with possibility' and Valiant Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins said, 'a little dash of pulp, a sprinkle of camp, Kent Menace is what happens if Doc Savage, Namor, and The Tick fused into one!' In addition to Braden, this special issue features comics and illustrated prose stories in the great pulp tradition by Jasper Bark, Michel Buster, Juan Castro, John Charles, Lidia Corinne, Jeff Dillon, Marty Grosser, Mark Herr, Dan Lawlis, Joel Meadows, Rob Moran, Eraklis Petmezas, Meggan Groves Robinson, Dillon Samuelson, J.C. Vaughn, Mark Wheatley, and Lance Woods. Demand yours today!