How to Subscribe with Lobo Comics & Toys

Keeping a pull list is free! We just require that you pick up your comics in a timely fashion (at least every 2 weeks). We will make other arrangements if you need to pick up your comics less frequently.

We have no minimums; subscribe to whatever you like. However, we prefer that, if you like to scan the racks as well, only subscribe to titles that are a little out of the mainstream or that we might not normally order very heavily on.

As store policy, Lobo Anime & Comics gives a 15% discount to subscribes with 5 or more monthly titles. This discount extends to all new comic and graphic novel purchases whether they are on your pull list or not.

Often will automatically put the first issue of any new series or mini-series related to a title on your list. You're not obliged to purchase it. If you do decide that you want the rest of that mini-series, please let us know. 

Lastly, if you would like to cancel your box PLEASE TELL US. We're human and we understand that some things in life can take precedence over comic books, like rent, car, food. We expect you to honor your commitment to purchase any titles that we are holding for you up to that point. Most importantly, let us know immediately when you need to make a change.

I understand, Let's Get Started