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RELIVE THE LANDMARK EVENT SERIES WITH AN OVERSIZED ISSUE! Art by Dan Jurgens, Darryl Banks, Jerry Ordway, Paul Pelletier, Kelley Jones and More! 30 years ago, one of the DCU's brightest heroes fell from grace, driven over the edge by his failure to save Coast City and millions of people. In the famed EMERALD TWILIGHT storyline, Hal Jordan became PARALLAX in the wake of Coast City being annihilated. After that, he almost succeeded in refashioning the entire timeline and resetting reality to restore his home in the ZERO HOUR event. Luckily, the heroes prevailed and destroyed this villain and timeline for good...or so we thought. Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is about to discover Hal and his vision have survived, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their world prevails! Writers Dan Jurgens and Ron Marz return to the world of Zero Hour with an art team comprised of all-star DC talent to celebrate this landmark anniversary. What repercussions will their story today have for those of tomorrow? Find out in this oversized special packed with action and your favorites from the '90s!