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It's 2046 and America has just elected its first teenage president! Previously selected as one of YALSAs Top Ten Graphic Novels for Teens, DCs critically acclaimed political satire Prez is in a newformat and more relevant than ever.Oregon teen Beth Ross has just been elected President of the United States of America. Age restrictions were abolished when corporations gained the right to run for office. Elections are now held on social media, and after a corndog accident makes Beth Ross go viral, a nation is shocked to wake up and find that "Corndog Girl" has just become their new president.The eyes of the world are on Beth. But in a nation so used to misrule that the poor are willing to do anything on TV for a chance at a better life, will a fresh start be enough to undo the damage caused by Boss Smiley and his corporate shadow government?Eisner-winning writer Mark Russell (Superman: Space Age, The Flintstones) teams with artist Ben Caldwell (Justice League Beyond) and others to revive and reinvent a classic! Collects PREZ #1-6, a short from CATWOMAN ELECTION NIGHT #1, and DC SNEAK PEEK: PREZ #1, as well as a brand-new short story.