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Art by Alitha Martinez, Marguerite Sauvage, Darryl Banks, Colleen Doran, And Jill Thompson In the wake of the Trial of the Amazons, Nubia is the new Amazon queen. To unite all Amazons, she leaves Themyscira to visit the tribes that live among the rest of humanity, and to forge a new path forward to serve her people. As she travels to the Bana-Mighdall and Esquecida tribes, something lurks in the shadows, following her every move. A villain from Nubia's mysterious past has been waiting for her to join the outside world again, and they're ready to make her wish she never left Paradise Island! A new day has dawned for the Amazons, and the next chapter for the fan-favorite Amazon champion begins here! Collects NUBIA: QUEEN OF THE AMAZONS #1-4 and NUBIA: CORONATION SPECIAL #1.