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"The end of the Spider-Verse! Morlun is back - and he's not alone. Allied with one of the most powerful beings known to the Spider-Verse, the scariest villain of all time is making his biggest play - and no Spider is safe. Especially not the 'chosen' Spider himself, Peter Parker! But as webbed heroes make their stand - and one by one, begin to fall - Morlun isn't their only problem. Shathra is back, even more powerful than the last time she nearly killed Peter and Ezekiel! And since then, she's had plenty of time to plot the death of all Spiders! Spidey's 60th Anniversary is no joke as writer Dan Slott and artist Mark Bagley - two of the most legendary Spider-Creators of all - collaborate on a Spider-Title for the first time! This will be one for the record books! Collecting SPIDER-MAN (2022) #1-7. Rated T"