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"WILD CARDS TP DRAWING CARDS The sci-fi anthology Wild Cards is given the mighty Marvel treatment! Beginning with an adaptation of the first two stories in the inaugural 'mosaic novel' edited by acclaimed fantasy author George R.R. Martin, brace yourself for an alternate history in which a devastating alien weapon detonated on Earth in the 1940s. Now, when a human is infected with the alien 'Wild Card' virus, the odds are that they will be killed - known as 'drawing the black queen.' Of those who survive, most become 'jokers,' left with some strange mutated form. A lucky few are called 'aces,' gifted with super-powers they can put to use toward heroic goals - or villainous ones. Prepare to enter a world where you must play the cards you are dealt - and the implications are wild! Collecting WILD CARDS: THE DRAWING OF CARDS #1-4. Rated T+"