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From the co-creator of the Eisner Award-winning, bestselling POWERS comes this brand-new anthropomorphic supernatural series thats Hellboy meets Redwall. Loosely based onrealeventsin12th century Englandduring what wasknown asThe Anarchy.A time where thecountrywasbeset with plague, civil war, and demons. William of Newbury isaneurotic monk, fearful of the earthly world, but confident and unwavering in the face of true evil.Hefightsthe deadto restore peace, but his brother is intent on stopping him, fearing for his soul. Newbury is dark, yet quaint, deadly yet cute.Follow him as henegotiates with thieves, evades his brother and the church, and battles the undead and evil spirits. This is a tale fit for lovers of history and supernatural folklore of all ages.