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"Back in print for the first time in decades, just in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary! The holy grail and origin of the Chaos! universe can finally be added to your collection with this new facimile edition. In 1991, horror mastermind Brian Pulido and the maestro artist Steven Hughes kicked off what would become an innovative and expansive world of characters. Originally published by Eternity Comics, Dynamite is proud to re-present one of the biggest key issues in comics history! Meet Ernest Fairchild, a disaffected and abused teen being held in the Clearview Mental Institution. Dr. Leonard Price has tried experimental treatments like dream therapy, wherein Ernest met the mysterious and captivating Lady Death, which only prodded him further into homicidal urges. Mary Young visits the institute and observes his violence firsthand, convincing her maybe they can cure him forever with neurotech... Turning him into the maniacal Evil Ernie! This facsimile edition presents the original comic in all its glory, including advertisements and more."