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Discover the untold story of what led Amanda Waller to form the TRINITY OF EVIL and take down Earth's Super Heroes! It's the Suicide Squad's founder as you've never seen her before, in an all-new companion miniseries to the Absolute Power event. The definitive history of one of the DCU's deadliest villains is at last revealed! Amanda Waller's catastrophic attack on the metahumans of Earth has rendered both hero and villain POWERLESS, but what led THE WALL to this place? In Absolute Power: Origins, Academy Award-winning writer JOHN RIDLEY and fan-favorite artist ALITHA MARTINEZ will tell the tale about how one woman lost everything she held dear...powerless beneath the forces of senseless acts of chaos. The path of vengeance would bring her to two simple words that would change her life--and the lives of the entire DCU--forever: NEVER AGAIN.