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New York Times best-selling author Margaret Stohl makes her comic-book debut! As Alpha Flight commander, Carol Danvers has the world cheering her on - but has Captain Marvel become someone she no longer recognizes? She'd rather focus on the job - which includes tackling a shady character hunting for alien refugee children and protecting a volatile Earth from a Chitauri invasion! Then, join Carol on a cosmic journey through a realm where up is down and good is evil as she goes head-to-head withStar-Lord?! And when Carol heads back to her family home for some well-earned rest, a deadly weapon targets the sleepy coastal town - and Captain Marvel is in for some shocking revelations about herself and her family! Collecting THE MIGHTY CAPTAIN MARVEL #0-9, CAPTAIN MARVEL (2017) #125-129, GENERATIONS: CAPTAIN MARVEL & CAPTAIN MAR-VELL and THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN MARVEL #1-5.