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In the ruined halls of the Maledictus Athenaeum lie occult histories, sealed records, and cursed artifacts - this unholy archive explores the far corners of Cradle of Filth's musical legacy. Inspired by their albums and songs such as 'Bathory Aria,' Cruelty and the Beast, 'King in the Woods,' and Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, this captivating journey delves into a vast universe of ageless vampires, mythical creatures, vengeful gods, and the enigmatic figure of Lilith. Within these hidden vaults, stories and poems come to life, penned by an all-star roster of comics talent and accompanied by lavish paintings. Step inside the walls of Cachtice Castle, where the Countess Elizabeth Bathory sheds virgin blood, and journey under the mesmerizing moon in the hymn to its beauty personified by the celestial huntress Diana. Amidst the echoes of anguish and ecstasy, discover tragic romances and delve deep into the darkly poetic and haunting world of Cradle of Filth's musical legacy.