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Mark Waid completes his spellbinding run! Stephen Strange: herald of Galactus?! When an alien sorcerer demands Stephens help saving his far-off planet from the World-Eater, Galactus ends up banished to the darkest depths of the mystic realms! Now, with his powers depleted, Strange must undertake a rescue mission like never before! Then, a truly terrifying villain works their way into the Marvel Universe via a small house in Kansas, and their impact will be huge! And with his hands healed after so many years of pain, Stephen can return to his old life as a Surgeon Supreme! But torn between his obligations, which solemn oath will he choose to uphold? Join Stephen Strange, M.D., for a new era of modern medicine, mystic artsand horror! Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE (2018) #12-20, DOCTOR STRANGE ANNUAL (2019) #1 and DR. STRANGE (2019) #1-6.