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"Adventure Finders' (Rod Espinosa), 'Diebold' (John Holland, Brian Clifton). It's a dream come true: a new fantasy-focused title from Antarctic Press! 'Adventure Finders' (Rod Espinosa): Fantasy master Rod Espinosa weaves an action-packed story of a small-town girl and her friends who want to make it big as renowned fighters. Clariette is part Barbie, part Xena, and all heart, out to make the world a better place. Her cousin, Jolfe Endarion, is an apprentice wizard with a love of adventure and good food. When they meet a newcomer, the priestess Sister Ariarra Popplevensie, their lives take an abrupt change! 'Diebold' (John Holland, Brian Clifton): It's Ed the Talking Head. He's lost his head, but he ain't dead. And so begins the search for Ed's head, when he ain't got no body to help."