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NEW GRAPHIC NOVEL DEBUT FROM JOCK???WRITING AND DRAWING A CREATOR-OWNED PROJECT FOR THE FIRST TIME! On an impoverished and distant planet, where menial workers scratch out a living resupplying starships, the best place to be is GONE... and that's exactly where 13-year-old ABI wants to be. Abi stows away on a colossal luxury space-liner for a chance at a better life. When Abi suddenly finds herself branded a saboteur as she desperately struggles to evade the ship's deadly crew and to stay alive! Beautifully written and drawn by JOCK???Eisner Award winning artist of SNOW ANGELS & BATMAN: ONE DARK KNIGHT???GONE is an action-packed sci-fi adventure where a young heroine confronts betrayal, discovers her true allies, and fights against all odds to discover that nothing is farther away than... home. This Mass Market Hardcover features the complete three issues plus the 11 page story from The Devil???s Cut.