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Denton J. Tipton (W) ??? Ramon Bunge (A & CA) Life is changing fast in 1904 Nashville, but the sins of the past live free in a place called Hell???s Half Acre???where you can find gambling, sex and most any other debauchery ever dreamed. And none do it better than Miss Marion???s, where a mysterious gambler named Britt sets in motion a chain of events that will have lawmen and outlaws alike aiming to put him six feet under. Will the woman that Britt scorned be his downfall or salvation when Hell comes calling? New York Times-bestselling writer Denton J. Tipton (Cobra Kai, G.I. Joe) teams with Ramon Bunge (Legacy of Mandrake the Magician) for a thrilling Western-noir with a supernatural twist. Each issue features a variant cover by Chris Evenhuis (Wynonna Earp, G.I. Joe)!