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The All-Father sought answers to new troubles in memories of old. To refresh those memories, he consulted his Skald of Realms, to tell a tale of when young Thor and young Loki journeyed out beyond Asgard on a quest that would determine the fate of all the Realms! Yet the teller was the Skald, in their aspect as Thors enemy. And thus, the tale could twist upon itself and if Thor faltered, it could make a new end! The Son of Odin faced three of his greatest foes in battle with the fog of magic closing around him. Yet even if he won, he lost for Thor fought not for his life, but for his death! Plus: the dawn of the Roxxon Age of Comixx, starring Chad Hammer secret identity of the Roxxin Thor! Collecting IMMORTAL THOR #6-10 and ROXXON PRESENTS: THOR.