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The city of Colonia is suffering from total economic collapse, but worse than the unemployment and urban decay is the skyrocketing homicide rate. Most of the few cops left on the force think its just another symptom of the citys decline, but one detective has a darker theorythat the most depraved killers in the country have all moved here to take advantage of the chaos. As he and his new partner dig deeper into their rapidly growing list of open cases, theyll find themselves in the crosshairs of a growing group of maniacs who realize that the best way to stay ahead of the cops in a city full of killersis tokillmore. Nothing can prepare you for Lady Facesmasher, The Sufferer, The Obituary Machineand worse. Lock your doors and journey into the mouth of madness in a new series from writer Scott Bryan Wilson (TRVE KVLT, Pennyworth) and artist Max Alan Fuchs (Altered Carbon: One Life One Death, Halcyon Days).