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Set your sail for the Seven Seas because the Seaponies are swimming into comics for the first time ever! See the mane six totally transformed.Pestering the queen into sending messages in bottles to the fabled Seapony kingdoms is just one of the many perks to having royal bestieswhich is exactly what Izzy has been doing ever since first reading about mythical Seaponies in Sunnys old history book. So when Queen Haven hears back from the Queen of the Sparkling Seas, Izzy is eager to dive into the adventure of a lifetime. Pipp, on the other hoof, is not excited about her princess duties or having to reschedule a new song release (plus, saltwater totally ruins her shiny mane). The voyage should be smooth sailing, but the tides are changing, a storm is brewing, and Izzy and Pipp are swimming right into it