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Writer Grant Morrison propels the X-Men into the 21st century! Cassandra Nova will stop at nothing to see all mutants exterminated. Her wild Sentinels' first strike on Genosha brings death and horror beyond belief, but she has far more personal plans for the X-Men! Meanwhile, joined by wicked telepath Emma Frost and mysterious powerhouse Xorn, the X-Men go public and expand Xavier's school to train a new generation of mutants - including the insect-like Angel, bird-boy Beak and telepathic quintuplets the Stepford Cuckoos! As the team faces the disturbing threat of John Sublime and his organ-harvesting U-Men, Jean's powers flare out of control, the Beast makes a frightening discovery, and Professor X lies near death! Can the X-Men withstand Cassandra's return - with the full might of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard at her command? Collecting NEW X-MEN (2001) #114-126 and ANNUAL 2001.