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"Fay Dalton is the artist behind the glamorous illustrations on Ian Fleming's 007 (Hard Case Crime). Her iconic style amplifies the classic spycraft at the heart of THE NORTH VALLEY GRIMOIRE. SPYCRAFT MEETS SPELLCRAFT in North Valley: a slick, James Bond-style adventure fused with the supernatural suspense of The Magicians. In this thrilling debut, a CIA black-ops division clandestinely hunts - and eliminates - the most dangerous threat in history: MAGICK. On a routine assignment, Agent Malek discovers a grimoire more powerful than a nuclear weapon but when The Agency wants to recover the spellbook instead of destroy it, he begins to question their endgame. Written by bestselling author Blake Northcott (Catwoman) with art by Giuseppe Cafaro (Suicide Squad), The North Valley Grimoire is an enchanted tale of espionage like none other."