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Spider-Man 2099 does the monster mash in a horrific vision of the future! The web-slinger of tomorrow, Miguel OHara, must face off against the most gruesome adversaries Nueva York has to offer! Blade lends a hand against the Marvel Zombie, seeking to stop an undead infection that threatens Miguels mother! With the moon under attack, Moon Knight 2099 needs Spideys help against Dracula! When a howling mad Werewolf by 2099 is unleashed, can Miguel withstand this cursed soul? Body parts fly as the new Terror Inc. strikes! And will Spider-Man burn at the touch of the nightmarish Man-Thing? A new breed of horror is unleashed, thanks to these far-out future versions of some of Marvels most iconic monsters! Collecting MIGUEL O'HARA SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1-5.