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The former villain continues his transformation into Marvel's most unlikely antihero! The symbiote is dying to eat brains - literally! If the suit doesn't scarf down gray matter, it'll bite the big one! Can Eddie keep his "other" in check, or will Venom become a crazed cannibal? Then, one lethal protector joins another, Wolverine, on an unwilling interdimensional adventure - and you'll still hear the screams, even in space! The law finally catches up with Eddie Brock, and Venom goes on trial! But even with Matt "Daredevil" Murdock on defense, what possible verdict could hand Venom a license to kill?! When he targets Ghost Rider and J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man must intervene! The bitter feud between Peter Parker and Eddie Brock is reignited, but can Spidey finally bring about Venom's big finish? Collecting VENOM: THE HUNGER (1996) #1-4, VENOM: TOOTH AND CLAW (1996) #1-3, VENOM: ON TRIAL (1997) #1-3, VENOM: LICENSE TO KILL (1997) #1-3, VENOM: SEED OF DARKNESS (1997) #-1, VENOM: SIGN OF THE BOSS (1997) #1-2, SPIDER-MAN: THE VENOM AGENDA (1998) #1 and VENOM: THE FINALE (1997) #1-3.