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The legendary series returns, with a dark twist! Prepare for some of the most harrowing stories the Marvel Multiverse has to offer! Walter Simonson returns to his acclaimed Thor era to see what happens if Loki takes charge! If Gwen Stacy never died on that bridge, but Peter Parker did, who will bring the Green Goblin to justice? When Mister Fantastic trapped the Venom symbiote, his worst nightmare would be his best friend, the Thing, setting it loose! If Bushman slays Moon Knight, a very different Fist of Khonshu will rise! Ponder Cortland Kasady, long-dead ancestor of Cletus, becoming Carnage! And what if Dracula turns Blade into a full vampire? Collecting WHAT IF? DARK: LOKI, WHAT IF? DARK: SPIDER-GWEN, WHAT IF? DARK: VENOM, WHAT IF? DARK: MOON KNIGHT, WHAT IF? DARK: CARNAGE and WHAT IF? DARK: TOMB OF DRACULA.