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Spinning from the pages of BATMAN comes the senses-shattering new series! The HALO Corporation has gathered a motley crew of operatives, led by Cole "Grifter" Cash, who are going to make the world a better matter who they have to kill!In the 1990s, WildC.A.T.s, created by comics legend Jim Lee, helped redefined what a superhero team could beand more than 30 years later, the team is back for a fresh start, reinvented for a new era and now operating in the DC Universe!With record-breaking profits and mind-blowing innovations being announced all the time, the HALO Corporation has been working in secret on a new project--a covert paramilitary strike force operating out of the darkest shadows of the DC Universe.Cole Grifter Cash has assembled a motley crew of weirdos, maniacs, and killers with a singular purpose: bribe, blackmail, kidnap, kill, and generally do whatever it takes to save the world!This new collection includes the entire 12-issue WildC.A.T.s series, spinning out of the pages of Batman, from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artists including Stephen Segovia, as theWildC.A.T.s face the Seven Soldiers and the Court of Owls for control of HALO!Collects WildC.A.T.s (2022) #1-12, the full series.